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Chic and cheap plastic chairs for your terrace! Combine them with a plastic table to decorate your modern and colorful terrace.

Plastic chairs:

Scaune Living
Paris polypropilene armchair
Scaune Restaurant
Boulevard polypropilene armchair
Scaune pentru terasa
Gruvyer polypropilene armchair
Scaune rosii bucatarie
Gruvyer polypropilene chair
Mobilier Plastic
Paris polypropilene chair
Oferte Scaune
Boulevard polypropilene chair with aluminium legs
Cristal light transparent polycarbonate chair
Scaun Transparent Online Dune
Dune transparent polycarbonate chair
Scaun Transparent Hypnotic
Hypnotic transparent polycarbonate chair

Plastic tables:

Masa Terasa de Plastic Masa Bar Restaurant Cafenea Gradina
Boulevard squared table with aluminum legs
Masa Plastic Cafenea Zavor
Zavor green polymetric squared table

Outdoor furniture - Rattan Immitation:

Masa Scaune Terasa Ratan
Boheme Table 90x150
Masa Terasa Masa Ratan Terasa
Boheme Tavolo 90x90
Scaune pentru terasa ratan
Rattan Bistrot green polymeric armchair
Scaune Terasa Ratan Sintetic
Rattan Bistrot green polymeric chair
Set Ratan Terasa
Sorrento green polymeric sofa set
Set Ratan Crem
Sorrento green polymeric sofa set

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