Advertising Parasols

Scolaro International is highly specialized to customize all parasol production in wooden and aluminium frame because combines manufacturing capacity (it’s equipped with four-colour printing plant CMYK) with availability to meet all customer needs. All models may be advertised, ask for a free offer.

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Beach umbrellas

Umbrela soare pentru plaja si piscina
Small Advertising Umbrellas

WOOD STANDARD: Wooden Parasol – Central Pole

UPSP35 Wood Standard square 3,5×3,5m
UPSD34 – Wood Standard rect 3x4m
UPSR3 – Wood Standard round Ø3m
UPSR4 – Wood Standard round Ø4m
UPSR35 – Wood Standard round Ø3,5m
UPSP3 – Wood Standard square 3x3m

WOOD TELESCOPIC: Wooden Parasol – Telescopic System

UPSPT4 Wood Telescopic square 4x4m open
UPSPT4 Wood Telescopic square 4x4m closing
UPSPT4 Wood Telescopic square 4x4m closed wooden frame

WOOD SIDE ARM: Wooden Parasol – Side Arm

UPBR35 Wood Side Arm round Ø3,5m
UPBP3 Wood Side Arm square 3x3m
UPBP35 Wood Side Arm square 3,5×3,5m
UPBD34 Wood Side Arm rect 3x4m

WOOD POKER: Wooden Parasol – Multiarm

UPP36 Wood Poker 2 arms 3x6m
UPP66 Wood Poker 4 arms 6x6m
UPP77 Wood Poker 4 arms 7x7m

WHITE WOOD STANDARD: Bleached Wooden Parasol – Central Pole

UPSP3 White Wood Standard, square 3x3m
UPSP3 White Wood Standard, square 3x3m

WHITE WOOD SIDE ARM: Bleached Wood Parasol – Side Arm

UPBD34 White Wood Side Arm rect 3x4m

ALUMINIUM STANDARD: Aluminium Parasol – Central Pole

UNSR35 Aluminium Standard round Ø3,5m
UNSR4 Aluminium Standard round Ø4m
UCP55 Aluminium Giant square 5x5m pole ø55 mm

ALUMINIUM TELESCOPIC: Aluminium Parasol – Telescopic System

UNSP35 Aluminium Telescopic square 3,5×3,5m
UNTP4 Aluminium Telescopic square 4x4m

ALUMINIUM SIDE ARM: Aluminium Parasol – Side Arm

UNBP3 Aluminium Side Arm square 3x3m
UNBP35 Aluminium Side Arm square 3,5×3,5m
UNBP4 Aluminium Side Arm square 4x4m
UNBR35 Aluminium Side Arm rotondo Ø3,5m

ALUMINIUM POKER: Aluminium Poker – Multibraccio

UNP37 Aluminium Poker 2 arms rect 3,5x7m
UNP77 Aluminium Poker 4 arms square 7x7m
UNP66 4 arms square 6x6m
UNP36 Aluminium Poker 2 arms rect 3x6m

ALUMINIUM GIANT: Aluminium Parasol – Big Dimension

UCP45 Aluminium Giant rect 4x5m
UCP5 Aluminium Giant square 5x5m

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